Satellite Event : Enspiral Immersive Workshop

Enspiral is a bold experiment to create a collaborative network that helps people do meaningful work, touted by 'Reinventing Organizations' author Frédéric Laloux as the 'next phase of Teal organizations'.

Enspiral is a collaborative network of over 200 professionals and 18 social enterprises headquartered in Wellington (New Zealand) with nodes in other locations around the country and internationally.

One by one, Enspiral is disrupting every core organizational process – decision-making, financial management, strategy, leadership and culture-building – to emphasize empowerment and collaborative innovation. Enspiral contributors are both self-managing and self-governing. Their social purpose is at the heart of everything they do and now Enspiral is open sourcing what it has learned over the past five years of operating.

Experience the practicalities of self-management and self-governance in an immersive experience of co-creation. Learn tools and processes we've successfully developed for :

  1. Consensus-based decision-making – using the wisdom of crowds and empowering minority voices.
  2. Collective strategy-setting and prioritisation
  3. Creating an internal economy through voluntary contributions and collaborative budgeting
Participants will leave with practical know-how they can take back to their organisation or fledgling group. We’ll leave lots of space for questions as we go. You will have the option of signing up to receive our Cultural Technology Programme modules as soon as they are released.

Pre-sales $55.00
At the door $75.00
Workshop is limited to 25 places, so get in quick!

Workshop facilitator : Chloe Waretini

Chloe joined the Enspiral Network in 2012 with the intention of learning how to collaborate at a deep level. She has a background in design, social enterprise, and community engagement and activation. Her obsessions with culture-hacking and designing for participation have landed her in two new roles in Enspiral this year – as a Co-Catalyst charged with running experiments in organisational improvement, and leading the development of a skill-building programme in our Cultural Technology (small, discreet modules of behaviour and protocols for interaction that enable effective collaboration in a networked organisation). Chloe has also been on the core team of the Next Edge Festival – helping the collaboration work behind the scenes.
She can be reached at


We will be in touch as soon as we are able!


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